MSI Inventory Service-Los Angeles
​provides inventory services to:

Fixed Asset Inventory:

Companies heavily invested in technology and capital equipment often lose track of active assets and retirements, resulting in unnecessary expenditures.  Our Asset service can provide you with either a Baseline inventory or an Update of your existing inventory.  We can affix new asset tags or use your current bar codes.  In the Baseline we report the locations and the cost centers of your inventory while building detailed profiles of every asset.  In the Update, we import a version of your existing records to report all Found assets by current location, cost center and status, and to report assets Not Found in Inventory.

SKU/UPC Inventories:

Using a download from your POS or your perpetual inventory system, we scan either UPC/barcode or your own in-house barcodes to give you an itemized inventory.  Fields of information such as price, cost, department, and description are extracted from your master file for use in our reports during and at the end of the inventory.  SKU verification is performed when the bar code is scanned, validating the code as a part of your system, and identifying not-on-files while the count is in progress.


Financial Inventories:

Using either your retail prices or cost codes printed on your labels or tags, we will compile summary totals by location into the commodity categories you provide.  The financial inventory is an excellent tool to measure your gross and your shrink.  In future inventories we move last time’s totals into the “Prior” column of our reports, giving you comparisons between current and previous inventory results.

Price Verification Inventories:

Customer loyalty is the key to your growth.  Our price verification service is an excellent tool to test the accuracy of your shelf tags and avoid disputes at the checkout counter.  Periodic price verifications have given many retailers a solid defense of good faith effort when Weights and Measures threatens to penalize them for discrepancies found during one of their unannounced visits.


Retailers, Wholesalers, Warehouses, Manufacturers & Other businesses in California & Nevada. We can customize inventory programs based on our clients' needs. We use state of the art equipment & experienced staff to complete inventories accurately & efficiently. 

Below are list of services offered.