Baseline Inventory:

If you have not tagged your assets, this service includes the discreet placement of property labels on all of the equipment and furniture within the scope of the project.  These tags become the license plates for your assets throughout their useful life.

All assets will be classified by status, such as Active, Storage, Repair, or Retired.  You can define status pools that are meaningful to your organization.  Also, we can offer user-defined fields for information you require that are not covered by the fields above.

Update Inventory:

If your assets have already been tagged and are logged into your asset register, we can conduct an Update Inventory if you have not taken a physical inventory for some extended period of time.  We use a download from your inventory system as a Master File to report the following:

  • Assets Found and Matched by current Location and/or Cost Center.
  • Assets Found and Matched by New Location and/or Cost Center.
  • New Assets, where items without bar codes are tagged or items that do not match your file when scanned are added to the inventory.
  • Assets Not Found during inventory.

MSI Inventory Service - Los Angeles performs comprehensive Fixed Asset inventories that provide our clients with accurate fixed asset counts, updates for their fixed asset registers, and establishes the foundation for effective Fixed Asset Management.  Companies with major investments in expensive equipment need a strong Fixed Asset Inventory Management in place (in order) to protect these investments.  Some companies find themselves paying maintenance fees, insurance and taxes on equipment that has been retired or is no longer in use.  The fixed asset inventory will provide the information necessary to avoid the risk of non-compliance with financial, tax or regulatory issues.

Our Fixed Asset Inventory Services support the full range of market segments and industries, including …..

Non Bar-coded Inventory:

If you simply need a total count of assets by location, we can perform an inventory of your equipment and furniture that reports and totals by descriptions and manufacturer as well as by colors and/or dimensions.  We can report status or condition during this process as well.




At the conclusion of the count we can perform reconciliation that is limited to the information we collect and the data contained in your Master File.  By establishing matches on the basis of serial number or by description and model within specific locations, we can tie non-matched items found during the inventory to their date of acquisition and base cost.



MSI Inventory Service-Los Angeles:
​Fixed Asset Inventory