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Since 1969, MSI Inventory Service has pioneered innovative and reliable solutions and technologies. Retailers, wholesalers, warehouses and manufacturers throughout California and the Nevada trust us for all their inventory needs. Our reputation as a leader among inventory service companies  was built around our commitment to providing pinpoint accuracy and unbiased inventory services exactly where and when our clients need it.

Successful inventory services aren't just about products, they're about people. We start your customer experience right by listening to your unique needs and building a customized program with you in mind. We are on-site to every job with a friendly, professional staff that has the skills and technology to efficiently and effectively record and manage your product or asset inventory. From our dedicated crew chief to each one of our crew members, you'll be empowered with a team that cares about your business and the quality of your inventory results.

At MSI Inventory Service-Los Angeles, we're ready to bring you a smarter, more sophisticated ways to manage your physical inventory. We're continually pushing the envelope with new inventory management technologies. In fact, radio frequency (RF) technology, the most important advance in inventory technology, was pioneered by MSI Inventory Service. During inventories taken with RF counters, information is constantly and instantaneously being validated and transmitted back to the central laptop via radio waves. Because counters do not have to stop counting to download data by "cable," there is less down time, which results in greater accuracy, shorter inventory and an increased productivity. Additionally MSI's Information Systems Department has an extensive library that can support any need of today's retail & non-retail client and can be used to create custom programs on very short notice.

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